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We will INSPIRE you to see what it is that you truly DESIRE and provide you with the tools with which to ACQUIRE it. 

We will help you to see a modern approach to either launching or building an existing business.

 With our vast network of international connections we will introduce you, the entrepreneur, to local and globally viable opportunities, while continuing to pay attention to your existing client connections and supply chains.  


With more than 20 years of expertise in business, fashion and hospitality we will enable you to achieve and realize your vision with proven business tweaks and changes in mind set while supplying the tools and building blocks for a solid workable foundation

A creative mind often works from gut instinct, an instinct that should not be ignored and an instinct that has lead Gillian Julius to successfully create globally recognized startup companies and leading well-funded privately owned enterprises.

Our mentoring approach will enable you, the entrepreneur or start-up, to succeed while being true to yourself and keeping your vision and authentic self in focus




Starting a new venture or business is not only scary but extremely stressful. From the initial concept, to the minor details along the way, to a successful launch, our vast experience can help turn your vision into more than just an idea. Gillian Julius Net Worthing is the perfect consultant to help you get where you are looking to go.

Strategic planning and logistics to get you off the ground.

Create step by step plans to achieve your goals.

Bring solutions to the most complicated start-up problems.

Find and introduce the right connections that make a difference.

Think outside the box to promote new concepts and strategies.

 Create big picture ideas with small detail results.



Growing a successful company has challenges at every turn. Understanding the complexities along the way needs experienced eyes. With Gillian Julius Net Worthing on your side, dreams or a vision can become a reality. We give you trade secrets to help you grow successfully in today’s competitive market.

Develop a detailed plan based on your company, product and vision.

Create a business and marketing plan to help achieve goals.


Discuss what “success” looks like in the eyes of the client.


 Introduce building blocks to create a solid business foundation.

Provide you with the tools and connections to get you noticed.


Marketing and publicity consulting and advisory.



Even the most successful business can always benefit from accessing business and procedural practices in order to increase revenues and customer satisfaction. With Gillian Julius Net Worthing we will help you tighten up the purse strings and achieve higher results and returns.

Analyze state of company’s financial, production, office and marketing. 

Evaluate operational procedures and suggest appropriate changes.

 Discuss personnel and employee accountability.

 Implement preventive and detective controls.

Identify risks that you may face in the startup or growth process.

Improve operational systems and customer satisfaction.



From the perfect business logo to the right informational website, market brand image is everything. At Gillian Julius Net Worthing we know every company needs a solid identity and identifiable brand in order to stand out and differentiate you, your product and company from your competitors

Increase brand awareness through multiple channels.

 Understand and differentiate your product from competitors.

Create or improve website appearance and functionality.

Build a strong branded social media presence. 

Coordinate Search Engine Optimization for your business.

Develop strategies to increase website and social media traffic.



Knowing people and knowing the right people are two different things. Getting in front of the decision makers can make all the difference. At Gillian Julius Net Worthing we will get you in front of the people you need to know. From CEO’s to business owners and top International publicists, we have you covered.

Understand the necessary business relationships.

Introductions and initial conversations.

Attend or introduce you to networking events

Set-up relationship building meetings.

Teach you how to develop, nurture and maintain business relationships.

Create protocols to ensure company exceeds client’s expectations.



At Gillian Julius Net Worthing our vast experience in business, fashion and hospitality makes us experts in understanding the need to function not only in a local market but also on a global level. We can help foster an awareness of the local & global environment while acknowledging cultural diversity, social responsibility and sustainable implementation

Identify targeted markets in both retail & wholesale.

Advise on current and future market trends.

Advise on merchandising, buying and sourcing of product.

Offer consulting on product development and placement.

Design and functionality of retail store design, workspace or pop-up.

Facilitate logistics of trade show applications and attendance.



"I recently launched The Artists Table, which is a catering company, offering grazing Tables.  Gill Julius has been instrumental in consulting with me on marketing strategies, and interesting and innovative approaches.  Her fashion background lends itself perfectly to this aesthetic.  She combines a steely grasp of business acumen with an edgy design component. Gill’s out of the box style and endless supply of connections has already yielded results.  She’s an unusual combination of a right and left brain thinker.  I highly recommend her services."


"Gillian draws from a lifetime of bridging the cosmopolitan hubs of LA, London and South Africa. She is one of the most genuine and helpful people I have encountered which has lead to strong relationships in many different industries allowing her to connect dots most wouldn’t that become so valuable to growing a business, Especially one with international goals. She has introduced me to organizations and individuals that have accelerated the growth of my brand and believe there isn’t one company she cant assist."


"Gillian is the master when it comes to the intuitive process of linking the right people together at the right time. Her network continues to amaze."


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